The Orange Windmill brand offers a range of delicately flavored Dutch cheeses, enriched with the finest ingredients based on the traditional Dutch method of cheese making.

This unique combination results in an incomparable range of Dutch specialty cheeses, which are flavored with just the right amount of herbs and spices.

Soft and creamy, these cheeses melt easily making them the perfect topping for a warm meal or serve as a delicious ingredient for a range of meals from delicious desserts to scrumptious snacks to succulent sandwiches.




Cablanca is made from fresh 100% pure goat's milk. It has a hint of characteristic goat milk tang, but due to the ripening process it is milder and sweeter than tradtional goat milk cheeses. Cablanca has a creamy texture and well-balanced flavor.


Mediterranean Herbs


The earthy olives, sweet basil, sun dried tomatoes and spicy garlic give this cheese the power to tansport you to the Mediterranean as you eat it. It is an exciting and savory cheese with distinct and complex flavors.




Leyden originates from the Dutch city of Leiden. This firm cheese has a generous portion of cumin seeds throughout the creamy paste. The cumin enhances the cheese's natural nutty flavors and creates a depth of flavor that is quite intoxicating.


Edam with Chili Peppers


A tantalizing combination of a classic Edam with spicy red chili peppers. And when we say hot -- we mean red hot! This is apecial treat for the adventurous cheese explorer seeeking flavor and spiciness. Not for the faint of heart!


Orange Windmill


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